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The VPN Effectiveness Test

Many VPN and proxy companies pretend that they protect your privacy online simply by changing your IP Address. The reality of the matter is that there are is a lot of "snake oil" being sold in the VPN service industry and so we've created this page to help you test the various providers.

Geographic IP Test

Many services online attempt to track or characterise you based on your IP address. A basic function of any VPN is that it should change your IP address. If your VPN is working properly you should see an IP address different from the one you normally are assigned by your internet service provider:

Your IP Address:

The Privacy Test

Online tracking by advertisers, nation states, employers, internet service providers and digital media companies has become extremely rampant. The test below will check to see if your VPN is protecting you from being tracked by a selection of very popular tracking networks. Simply changing your IP address will do nothing to prevent you from being tracked online. In fact, many tracking networks can easily follow you from one IP address to another.

If your VPN software was not enabled when you came to this page, enable it now and refresh the page before you begin.

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